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Polycrystalline PCD Router Bit for granite – Amastone

100,00  Net of VAT
Polycrystalline PCD Router Bit – Amastone Polycrystalline diamond (PCD) bits ideal to engrave granite, quartz, and lava stone on CNC

Cutting blade with turbo crown for reinforced concrete – Sankyo RD

22,89 178,08  Net of VAT
Cutting blade with turbo crown for cutting concrete, reinforced concrete, and natural stone Blade for angle grinder with a  “Turbo

Segmented calibrating wheel for kitchen top edge “Super Z” – Nicolai

300,00 403,20  Net of VAT
Segmented calibrating wheel for kitchen top edge – Nicolai Super Z This wheel is used to calibrate and rectify the

Carbide V-Groove Router Bits

13,59 26,91  Net of VAT
Carbide engraving bits for stone, marble, and granite Carbide engraving bit for CNC routers and CNC machines for 10-mm cylindrical

Conical router bit for Granite – Nicolai

140,80 184,80  Net of VAT
Conical router bit for Granite and Engineered Stone Conical diamond router bit for granite and engineered stone. The conical router

Wet polishing pads “Nippon 3” for engineered stone Ø100 mm – Amastone

19,50  Net of VAT
Wet and dry polishing pads “Nippon 3” for engineered stone Engineered stone Polishing pads for angle grinders diameter 100 mm Nippon3

Wet polishing pads “Furbix” Ø100 mm – Amastone

13,56  Net of VAT
Wet polishing pads for polishing marble and granite – “Furbix” Polishing pads to use on angle grinders Diameter: 100 mm Type: wet

Wet polishing pads “Super Wet” Ø100 mm – Amastone

13,14 33,92  Net of VAT
Wet polishing pads “Super Wet” for marble, granite and glass Use for angle grinder Diameter: 100 mm Use wet Available

Diamond grinding wheel with double row segment for marble “SD-PCE” – Sankyo

53,42 93,28  Net of VAT
Diamond grinding disc for stone – “SD-PCE” Sankyo Angle grinder professional diamond grinding disc for concrete, brick, stone, marble, and

Diamond cup wheel for marble “Star” – Sifa

66,14 82,25  Net of VAT
Diamond cup wheel for marble model “Star” Its shape allows the use of dust extraction hood Available in 2 different

Diamond cup wheel for marble “SD-PC” – Sifa

53,42 84,80  Net of VAT
Diamond cup wheel for marble, granite, concrete and natural stone High processing speed For angle grinder Use dry Available in

Diamond cup wheel for granite “SD-PW” – Sifa

79,71 249,31  Net of VAT
Diamond cup wheel model SD-PW for granite, cement and natural stone Available in 3 different diameters 100 mm, 125 mm and

Cutting blade with turbo crown for engineered stone – Sankyo Razor

25,44 56,99  Net of VAT
Cutting blade with turbo crown used for cutting granite, engineered stone and hard material Turbo crown for fast cutting Use dry

Cutting blade with turbo crown for granite – Sankyo RS

30,52 81,58  Net of VAT
Cutting blade with turbo crown used for cutting granite, gres and natural stone Turbo crown for fast and precision cutting Use

Grinding flap discs Ø115 mm

42,29  Net of VAT
Grinding Polishing flap discs Diamond lamellar polishing pads for angle grinder used for roughing, removal of material, chamfer, shaping and

Dry polishing pads “Ninja” – Amastone

16,16 27,98  Net of VAT
Dry polishing pads for natural stones “Ninja” diameter 100/125/150 mm for the hand grinders The “Ninja” pads are high-quality dry

Electroplated diamond carving tool for ceramic and granite – Diamar

35,20  Net of VAT
Electroplated-diamond carving tool for marble, ceramic, and even granite These electroplated carving tools have a conical angle of 60 or

Bush-hammering roller for angle grinder – Bettoni

63,00 67,50  Net of VAT
Bush-hammering roller for angle grinder – Bettoni Bush-hammering roller to work on soft stones, marble, limestone and granite. Available in

Bush-hammering plate for angle grinder Ø150 mm – Bettoni

297,00 315,00  Net of VAT
Bush hammering plate diameter 150 mm for angle grinder with gear reducer – Bettoni This plate has 4 bush-hammer rollers to

Electroplated anchor bits type Fischer – Diamar

52,50 60,00  Net of VAT
Electroplated anchor bits with cylindrical shank 10 mm Electroplated anchor bits to drill anchor channels into the back of the

Abrasive semi-rigid discs on fibre – SAITRON Sait

34,33 51,67  Net of VAT
SAIT SAITRON semi-rigid silicon carbide discs Semi-rigid abrasive pads constructed with a fiber support, anchored to an abrasive layer of

Granite Bridge Saw Blades “Rush B” – Diamant Boart

121,50 299,88  Net of VAT
“Rush B” model Diamant Boart Granite Bridge Saw Blades 10/15 mm segment-height granite bridge saw blade This high-quality bridge saw blade

Granite Bridge Saw Blades “Rush DTA” – Diamant Boart

130,95 264,60  Net of VAT
Rush DTA Granite Bridge Saw Blades – Diamant Boart Bridge saw blades (discs) for granite cutting RUSH DTA  Let’s explain what the

Granite Bridge Saw Blades “S-Cut” – Diamant Boart

99,90 304,50  Net of VAT
Granite Bridge Saw Blades “S-Cut” Bridge saw blades (discs) for granite cutting. These granite blades are available in different diameters, from

Granite Bridge Saw Blades – MarmoElettromeccanica

147,00 406,00  Net of VAT
MarmoElettromeccanica  Granite Blades Features: Blades to use on bridge saws Silent core blade Narrow gap Brand MarmoElettromeccanica MarmoElettromeccanica granite blades are

Segmented ball head mill – Nicolai

158,40 305,60  Net of VAT
Nicolai Finger Bit Nicolai Finger Bit
AFS60005 Ø30 L20 mm 4500-5000 200-400 mm/min
AFS60015 Ø40 L25 mm 4500-5000 200-400 mm/min
AFS60025 Ø50 L30 mm 4500-5000 200-400 mm/min

Granite Cutting Tools and Granite Tooling

Granite Fabrication Tooling and Equipment

Granite is a very hard natural rock material used to make countertops, monuments, floor tiles, and many other products. Granite is hard enough to resist abrasion, inert enough to resist weathering, and it’s possible to work it to obtain a brilliant polished material.
Because of its characteristics granite is also hard to work so stone fabricators use special granite tools to cut, shape, engrave, drill, polish, and so on.
We have tagged all granite tools available in order to have them on a single category page. Granite tools include CNC granite finger bits, granite stubbing wheels, V-bits, and granite polishing pads.
Choose the right granite tool for your application and if you need assistance contact us: