Single lip Engraving Tools

Writing Router Bits

Stone Writing Router Bits are a kind of engraving bits with a tip made for engraving, etching, lettering, writing and finishing. They are also named V-Carving bits, V-tip tools, Signmaking bits and Lettering bits.
Here you find writing router bits to work any kind of stone: marble, granite, lavic stone, limestone and engineered stone. These tools are perfect for letters engraving and finishing in tombstones, monuments and memorials.

To fit your needs you find a wide range of writing router bits with various angles. For example tools can have different tip angles (90°/ 60° / 30°…) and different end tips as ball, rounded or flat.
Remember that if you work marble or limestone you need to use widia writing router bits, but for hard stones like granite, lava stone and engineered stone you have to use polycrystalline tipped tools.

Have a look at this drawing that shows different grooves’ width when you change the angle of the diamond tip and its cutting depth: