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GRABO LCC is an American manufacturer of professional vacuum lifting tools (mainly battery-powered manual suction cups). Grabo suction cups are ideal for handling tiles and concrete products, porcelain stoneware, natural stone, rough metal, and much more.

Amastone is an official Grabo dealer and also a repair service center. If something in your Grabo breaks, or if you want to replace a part, you can send it to us and we will repair it!

In this section, you will find different models of suction cups, accessories, and also spare parts.

GRABO Portable Electric Vacuum Lifter and Suction Cup Tool

259,00 339,00  Net of VAT
Portable Electric Vacuum Lifter. Nemo Grabo®

OTTOVAC Portable battery vacuum lifter

144,90  Net of VAT
OTTOVAC (by Grabo®) Portable battery (4 x AA 1,5 V) vacuum lifter for glass and smooth flat ceramic – 100kg

Grabo Replaceable Foam Seals

27,00 77,60  Net of VAT
Grabo Replaceable Foam Seals for Grabo Cordless Suction Lifter When the GRABO seal finally wears out, the lifting capacity diminishes.

Replacement Battery for Portable Vacuum Lifter Grabo

52,50  Net of VAT
Replacement Battery for Portable Vacuum Lifter Grabo Original replacement battery for Portable Vacuum Lifter Grabo

Portable lifting attachment Grabo – Erguo S1

149,00  Net of VAT
Portable lifting attachment Grabo – Erguo S1 Easy attachment extension to reduce work-related fatigue and injuries when you use the

GRABO Battery charger

34,50  Net of VAT
Battery charger for Grabo vacuum lifter Battery charger for portable electric vacuum lifter Grabo and Grabo pro. Specifications: Input: 100

GRABO Spare green button

10,00  Net of VAT
Spare green button for Grabo Spare green button for the Grabo vacuum lifters.

GRABO Spare vacuum gauge

30,00  Net of VAT
Spare vacuum gauge for Grabo vacuum lifter Spare vacuum gauge for the Grabo Lifter.