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Brevetti Montolit S.p.A. known as MONTOLIT is a leading Italian company in the production of professional equipment for tilers and tiling tools
Among the top Montolit products we certainly find manual tile cutters, electric tile cutters or cutters, diamond drill bits for ceramics, and equipment for processing large ceramic slabs.
Montolit Masterpiuma P5 is at the moment the best-selling manual tile cutter. We even made a special category for the Masterpiuma P5 Spare parts

Montolit Masterpiuma P5 Tile Cutter

293,80 781,80  Net of VAT
Montolit Tile cutter Masterpiuma P5 – Montolit Montolit Masterpiuma P5 tile cutter is available in 5 different models depending on

Titanium wheel for Masterpiuma – Montolit

7,00 9,00  Net of VAT
Titanium wheel for Masterpiuma – Montolit Titanium wheel for Montolit tile cutter models: Montolit Masterpiuma P5, Montolit Piuma, Montolit Minipiuma,

FLEXIMONT Montolit Diamond Flap Discs

54,00 56,20  Net of VAT
FLEXIMONT diamond Flap discs – grinding wheels – Montolit make Diamond flap discs by Montolit to smooth, grind, make jolly,

“Progres” angle grinder hard-ceramics cutting blade – Montolit

37,10 40,50  Net of VAT
“Progres” angle grinder ceramics cutting blade – Montolit Continuous rim diamond blade for cutting porcelain stoneware and hard ceramics. The

“Freccia oro” CGX angle grinder diamond blade for porcelain – Montolit

37,80 41,90  Net of VAT
“Freccia oro” CGX angle grinder diamond blade for porcelain – Montolit Grinder diamond blade for extreme cutting speed The CGX115 “Freccia Oro”

ATLAS Adjusting Tile Support system (2 Pack)- Montolit

79,20  Net of VAT
ATLAS Adjusting tile support system (2 Pack) – Montolit ATLAS is a tool designed to be positioned right next to

Tile Suction Cup – Geco Montolit

104,00  Net of VAT
Tile Suction Cup – Geco Montolit  Ø 220 mm capacity 125 kg The Geco Montolit tile suction cup comes with

Montolit Killer Gres FTS diamond core drill bit for Angle Grinder

69,80 183,80  Net of VAT
Montolit Killer Gres FTS diamond core drill bit for angle grinder Diamond drill bit for grinders with M14 fitting “KILLER

Scoring wheel lube oil – Montolit

8,10  Net of VAT
Scoring wheel lube oil – Montolit for tile cutters Montolit Scoring wheel lube oil for Montolit tile cutter wheels. Pack

Cooling paste for diamond drill bits – Mondrillo Performer Montolit

14,40  Net of VAT
Cooling paste for diamond drill bits 50 ml (1,7 oz) – Montolit Mondrillo Performer “Mondrillo Performer” Diamond Core and drill

Montolit Mondrillo FS Diamond core bits for Angle Grinder

33,60 235,80  Net of VAT
Diamond core bits for dry drilling “MONDRILLO FS” for angle grinder – Montolit FS Mondrillo diamond core bits are designed to

Cutting Guide for angle grinder – TutorCut Montolit

36,00 37,00  Net of VAT
Montolit TutorCut – Cutting Support Guide for Angle Grinder How do you cut perfectly straight with an angle grinder? Use

FLASH LINE FL3 tile cutting system – Montolit

463,50  Net of VAT
FlashLine3 large format porcelain tiles cutter – Montolit Flash Line FL3 is a complete manual cutting system for Porcelain slabs and

VT-300 Seam setter Tiles Alignment Suction Cups – Montolit

102,60  Net of VAT
Slabs and Tiles Alignment Suction Cup with Ø150 mm Plates VT-300 – Montolit VT-300 Alignment Suction Cup is ideal for

Vibrating suction cup Montolit Battile

189,00 315,00  Net of VAT
“Battile” vibrating suction cup for tiles and slabs by Montolit BATTILE is a vibrating suction cup for use in the

Mondrillo Diamond Countersink Tool FPS – Montolit

93,80 172,50  Net of VAT
FPS Montolit Mondrillo diamond countersink tool – M14 fitting Mondrillo diamond countersink tool to use in dry or wet mode

REDLine Turmont TCS Diamond blade Ø150 for Moto Flash Line – Montolit

54,70  Net of VAT
REDLine Turmont TCS Diamond blade Ø150 mm for Moto Flash Line – Montolit Turmont TCS Diamond blade is designed to

TOPROFILE Diamond Profile Wheels – Montolit

157,00 205,00  Net of VAT
TOPROFILE Diamond Profile Wheels – Montolit TOPOFRILE Diamond vacuum-brazed wheels are designed to be used with the Toprofile Montolit machine.

Mosakit rubber mosaic pad – Montolit

56,00  Net of VAT
Rubber mosaic pad Mosakit – Montolit Rubber pad to be applied to a standard manual tile cutter. It allows to

Rubber hammer MONTHOR – Montolit

23,40 27,00  Net of VAT
Rubber hammer Monthor – Montolit Monthor rubber mallets for tilers, ideal for all types of delicate/thin ceramic tiles and porcelain