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Comil Plast is an Italian company specialized in the processing of plastic materials and in the production of accessories for the funeral art. On amastone you can buy comil-plast plastic interiors for funeral vases available in different models, shapes and colors.

Vase Liners Round Comil Plast

Vase Liners – Comil Plast

$3,61$9,93 Net of VAT
Vase Liners Plastic Vase Liners (polypropylene) suitable for different flower vases for cemeteries. For use with Vases made of porcelain,
Plastic Replacement for funeral castings art – Comil Plast

Plastic Replacement for metal funeral vases – Comil Plast

$4,51$8,13 Net of VAT
Plastic replacement for metal funeral vases Plastic replacement for round-bases metal funeral bases for several diameters. These replacements pieces are
Vases For Ossuaries Comil Plast

Ossuary-vase liners – Comil Plast

$3,61$4,33 Net of VAT
Ossuary-vase liners Circular- or square-base plastic ossuary liners. Plastic (polypropylene) liners suitable for various ossuary vessels and cemetery orchid holders.