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Lupato Meccanica

Lupato tools, the most advanced technology for high-quality finishes

The Italian manufacturer Lupato Meccanica produces a vast array of tools and machines to achieve rough-textured finishes on natural stone.
Lupato Meccanica allows you to customize your stone adding distinct aesthetic features. It’s the premier manufacturer of tools and machinery to rough finishing on stone and concrete. It offers more than 140 different tools to create upwards of 50 different rough finishes, such as bush hammering, sandblasting, scratching, nicking, rolling, and grooving.. “Rough” became beautiful quickly and easily with Lupato tools.

ABRAX Rollers for marble sandblasting – Lupato

59,40  Net of VAT
ABRAX Rollers for marble sandblasting Diameter 50mm- Lupato Meccanica Replacement sandblasting Lupato rollers for: Abrax plate (head) for polishing machines

Roller for bush-hammering marble – Varia – Lupato

66,60 93,60  Net of VAT
Roller for marble bush-hammering  – Varia – Lupato Meccanica Replacement tools for the Varia plate for the marble surfaces bushammering.

Sandblasting roller – Tanga – Lupato

35,10 77,40  Net of VAT
Sandblasting roller – Tanga – Lupato Replacement sandblasting roller for the angle grinder plate Tanga L4 Lupato meccanica and angle

DIA-ABRAX Roller for granite sandblasting plate – Lupato

112,50 130,50  Net of VAT
DIA-ABRAX Roller for granite sandblasting plate for polishing machines Spare sandblasting rollers for granite. The rollers’ diameter is 50mm. To be installed

Shock absorber – Lupato

39,60  Net of VAT
Shock absorber – Lupato Shock absorber spares part for Lupato sandblasting and bush-hammering plates. These shock absorber are compatible with

Roller holders – 40×30 mm – Lupato

41,40  Net of VAT
Roller holders 40×30 mm – Lupato 40×30 mm roll holders spare part for Lupato sandblasting and bush-hammering plates. These roll

Bush-hammering roller – VOR – Lupato

61,20 89,10  Net of VAT
Bush-hammering roller – VOR – Lupato Meccanica Replacement bushhammering plates Vor Lupato Meccanica. Roller tool for Bush-hammering textured finish on

FRANKROLL Frankfurt bush-hammer rollers – Lupato

125,10 313,20  Net of VAT
Frankfurt bush-hammer rollers – Frankroll Lupato Frankroll Lupato is the frankfurt support that you can install on any frankfurt plate.

Comma roller for marble – Givre- Lupato

95,40  Net of VAT
Comma roller – Givre- Lupato Spare comma rollers for marble.

Roller for rolling antiskid – Lupato

190,80 774,00  Net of VAT
Roller tool for rolling finished antiskid – Lupato Roller tool for “rolling textured finish” antiskid on sandstone and granite. To

Polishing machine Plate for sandblasting marble – Abrax – Lupato

550,80 2.214,00  Net of VAT
Marble sandblasting head for polishing machine. Abrax – Lupato Meccanica This is a plate to install in polishing machines both

TANGA L4 Angle-grinder sandblasting plate – Lupato

421,20 693,90  Net of VAT
Angle-grinder sandblasting plate – Tanga L4 – Lupato Plate for sandblasting texture to use on an angle grinder. Available for

FRANKROLL abrax frankfurt sandblasting rollers – Lupato

117,90 217,80  Net of VAT
Frankfurt sandblasting rollers – Frankroll abrax Lupato Sandblasting rollers with Frankfurt connection for use on plates of arm polishers, and

Bush-hammering roller – Tanga – Lupato

39,60 53,10  Net of VAT
Bush-hammering roller – Tanga L3 and L4 – Lupato Meccanica Replacement bush-hammering roller for the bush-hammering plate Tanga L4 and bush-hammering

Sandblasting planet wheel – Tanga – Lupato

86,40 130,50  Net of VAT
Sandblasting planet wheel – Tanga – Lupato This Lupato spare part is a sandblasting planet wheel for the  angle grinder

Bush-hammering planet wheel – Tanga – Lupato

91,80 118,80  Net of VAT
Bush-hammering planet wheel fro Tanga L3/L4 – Lupato Bush-hammering planet wheel for the bush-hammering plate Tanga L4 and bush-hammering plate Tanga L3.

TANGA L4 Angle-grinder bush-hammering plate (antiskid 5-13 cm) – Lupato

435,60 581,40  Net of VAT
Angle-grinder bush-hammering plate, antiskid 5-13 cm, – Tanga L4 – Lupato Bush hammering head (plate) to use on angle grinders.

Protective cover for Sumo/Stona/Tanga L4 plate – Lupato

130,50 171,00  Net of VAT
Protective cover for Sumo/Stona/Tanga L4 plate – Lupato Protection for tool ø150mm with guide is a metal protection completed with

Angle grinder cover – Lupato

139,50  Net of VAT
Angle grinder cover Protection Carter for BOSCH GPO 14 CE and RUPES LH32EN grinders for the use of Rollex rollers

Sandblasting roller – VOR/STONA- Lupato

54,00 77,40  Net of VAT
Sandblasting roller for VOR and STONA tools – Lupato Meccanica Replacement sandblasting plates Vor and STONA tools. Available for sandblasting