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HUSQVARNA® Equipment

Machines, equipment, and tools made by Husqvarna for the stone working and construction.
On amastone, you will find Husqvarna machines such as floor saws, vertical hammers, Electrical core drills, and more. You can buy also diamond blades for concrete, brick, and asphalt.
If you cannot find the Husqvarna product you are looking for, send us a request () for an offline quote.
P.S. Husqvarna has acquired Diamant Boart, a company specializing in diamond tools for working marble and granite. If you are looking for Diamant Boart tools go to the page: Diamant Boart tools

Forward Plate Compactor LF 75 LAT – plate 500 mm – Husqvarna

2.000,00  Net of VAT
Forward Plate Compactor LF 75 LAT LF 75 LAT is a fast-operating forward plate compactor, designed for efficient compaction of

Power Cutter K970 – diameter 400 mm – Husqvarna

1.712,50  Net of VAT
Power Cutters K970 with a blade diameter 400 mm The Husqvarna K970 is a light and powerful cutter suitable for

Power Cutter K970 Ring – diameter 370 mm – Husqvarna

4.255,27  Net of VAT
Husqvarna Power Cutters K970 Ring The K 970 Ring Husvarn cutter is perfect for making deep cuts, thanks to its

Electric Concrete Saw K 4000 Wet – Husqvarna

1.137,50  Net of VAT
Electric Power Concrete saw K 4000 Wet with a 350mm (14”) diameter blade The Husqvarna K4000 wet electric saw is

Cutter Cut-n-Break – Husqvarna

2.394,00  Net of VAT
Cutter Cut-n-Break for reinforced concrete Husqvarna allows easy cut up to 400 mm. The Husqvarna CNB power cutter can be

Floor saw FS 400 LV – Diameter 500 mm – Husqvarna

3.087,50  Net of VAT
Floor saw FS 400 LV diameter 500 mm The FS 400 LV floor saw is a petrol engine push machine,

Vertical Rammer LT 6005 – plate 280 mm – Husqvarna

2.462,50  Net of VAT
Trench Rammer LT 6005 LT 6005 is a powerful rammer, developed for efficient compaction of granular and cohesive soils such

Electric core drill DM 220 – Husqvarna

1.962,50  Net of VAT
Electric core drill DM 220 The Handheld electric core drill is ideal for both dry and wet drilling, it has

Drill stand DS 250 – Husqvarna

962,50  Net of VAT
Drill stand DS 250 DS 250 is a mid-sized drill stand, made of aluminum, it has a combined base plate