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MetalSud Replacement foam gasket for Vacuum lifters

60,00 90,00  Net of VAT
Replacement foam gasket for Metalsud vacuum lifters Spare foam gaskets for MetalSud lifting cups. Shaped mousse replacement gasket for plates

Battery powered Vacuum Lifter – MVLE Single Plate 300/500Kg

1.449,00 1.874,00  Net of VAT
MVLE Battery-powered Vacuum Lifter for the stone industry – 300 or 500 Kg Battery-powered vacuum lifters for the stone-handling applications

Vacuum lifter for slabs “REVAXIAL” 5-plates – Metal Sud

3.809,70 4.963,82  Net of VAT
Compressed air vacuum lifter for stone slabs Multi-plate lifters 500-625-1125 kg – “REVAXIAL” Compressed air vacuum lifters for handling and

Battery-powered Vacuum Lifter – Compact MVKE – 80 / 125 / 200 Kg

1.139,00 1.320,00  Net of VAT
Compact battery-powered Vacuum Lifter – Single Plate 80/125/200 Kg Battery-powered vacuum lifters for stone-handling applications. This is a single plate

Compressed air powered Vacuum Lifters Single-plate “REVAXIAL” – Metal Sud

2.999,00 3.849,00  Net of VAT
Single-plate compressed air powered Vacuum Lifters  “REVAXIAL” – Metal Sud Compressed air-powered Vacuum lifters for lifting marble, stone, granite, and ceramic. These

Battery for electrical battery-powered vacuum lifters – MetalSud

80,00  Net of VAT
Battery for electrical battery-powered vacuum lifters – MetalSud MVKE and MVLE Battery for electrical battery-powered vacuum lifters MetalSud: model MVKE

Replacement Plates – MVKE Battery-Powered Vacuum Lifter

160,00 270,00  Net of VAT
Replacement Plates for MVKE Battery-Powered Vacuum Lifter The MVKE vacuum lifter is modular according to the load requirements or the size

Battery charger for electrical Vacuum lifters – Metalsud MVKE-MVLE

20,00  Net of VAT
Battery charger for “MVKE” and “MVLE” MetalSud Vacuum lifters Battery charger for 12,6V and 2A batteries installed on MetalSud electric