Soudal, a Belgian company, is a leading producer and technical sealants and adhesives in the construction and other industries (marble, glass, metal, and marine sector).
The amastone website offers glues and sealants specifically for marble working, such as Soudal HT and Silirub MA.

We also offer other products for general use. Please contact us for any questions you may have:

Silicone Silirub Color sealant – Soudal

7,61 9,44  Net of VAT
Silirub Color – Ral Coloured Neutral Cure Silicone sealant by Soudal (Coloured silicone)  Silirub Color is ready for delivery in

Silicone sealant for marble Silirub MA – Soudal

9,40  Net of VAT
Silicone sealant for marble – Silirub MA by Soudal Silirub is a neutrally curing, single-component elastic-joint silicon-based sealent. It is

Marble Instant glue Mitre Kit – Soudal

Marble Instant glue Mitre Kit EXP – Soudal Cyanoacrylates are a family of strong fast-acting adhesives with industrial, medical, and
Not available

Two-component Rapid Epoxy adhesive – “Epofix” Soudal

5,44  Net of VAT
Dual component Rapid Epoxy Adhesive 24ml – Epofix Soudal Professional Quality – Dual component epoxy used for bonding different materials

Silicone remover – Soudal

5,00  Net of VAT
Silicone remover – Soudal The Soudal silicone remover is a ready-to-use gel for removing hardened sealants. Ideal for the removal

Dosing nozzles for silicone cartridges – Soudal

2,58  Net of VAT
Dosing nozzles for silicone cartridges – Soudal Spare Cartridge Nozzles for Silicone Mastic Gun Tubes. Plastic dosing nozzles in transparent

Unlocking and Penetrating spray “Degrip All” – Soudal

2,45  Net of VAT
Unlocking & Penetrating Multipurpose spray “Degrip All” – Soudal Degrip-all spray by Soudal is a professional Unlocking Multipurpose Antioxidant Spray.

Adhesive sealant Fix All X-treme Power Express – Soudal

11,90  Net of VAT
Adhesive sealant Fix All X-Treme Power Express – SOUDAL Fix ALL® X-treme Power Express has been developed for the immediate

Soudasil AC – One-part acetoxy multi-purpose silicone

3,10  Net of VAT
Soudasil AC – One-part acetoxy silicone sealant Soudasil AC is a high quality, elastic and one-part sealant with silicone base.

Adhesive sealant for marble Soudaseal HT – Soudal

6,17  Net of VAT
Adhesive sealant for marble – Soudaseal HT  Soudal Specific adhesive for gluing marble and natural stone. Soudaseal HT (High Tack)

Polyurethane adhesive sealant Soudaflex 40 FC – Soudal

5,08 8,88  Net of VAT
Soudaflex 40 FC universal polyurethane sealant – Soudal Professional single component polyurethane sealant for sealing and bonding in many construction