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CNC Tool Forks

CNC Tool Holder Forks for marble, glass and woodworking machines. Get replacement forks CNC routers as Intermac, Poseidon, Park Industries, Brembana, Breton and more.

(CNC Tool forks are named also tool holder gripper, tool clips, and tool holder fingers)

How to select the right tool holder fork model for your CNC machine?
No worries, we have organized the fork clips into 4 different categories:
ISO 30 or ISO 40 or ISO50 or HSK  and into one of them you have to choose the model for your CNC machine brand. Into the ISO categories, you find also the BT models.

What material are the tool forks made from?
These CNC tool forks are made of a special material called acetal resin (POM-C). This material is a semi-crystalline copolymer that has a wide use due to its excellent mechanical properties. It is an alternative solution to replace metals such as steel, brass, aluminum in many mechanical components. The POM-C is suitable for mechanical machining on automatic lathes and is particularly recommended for the construction of precision parts. Our Tool holder forks are resistant to the temperature changes and maintain very precise clutch tolerance. With this material, it is possible to make forks to hold tool holders with a total weight (together with the tool) up to 35Kg ……. Technology and design !!!!

Buy online your tool holder forks and replace your broken and worn units.

If you don’t find your model, or if you have doubts, do not hesitate to contact us writing to  Give us the brand of the machine and the model. Of course, a photo of your old CNC tool fork that you want to replace will help us.

Have a look at the prices, we try always to offer you the best product for the best price.