8 Reasons to attend the marmomac stone fair in Verona

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Information for the marmomac 2019 edition:

  • Dates: marmomac 2019 takes place from Wednesday 25th to Saturday 28th September 2019
  • Location: Verona Exhibition Centre – Viale del Lavoro, 8 – 37135 Verona – Italy
  • Tickets: Companies operating in the stone industry can ask marmomac free entry tickets to their clients or suppliers.
    You can buy online a ticket for 20€ from marmomac on-line ticket office
    Do you need a ticket? write us, or comment this post writing your email-id, and I’ll send you a ticket for the marmomac 2019.
  • Exhibitor’s Catalogue: for the list of the exhibitors visit the page marmomac 2019 exhibitors.
    For our catalogue-page go to: MMG Service srl
  • Catalog: the Official Catalog marmomac 2019 can be collected by SATE offices from the first day if the fair
  • Fair Layout: you can dowload the Layout of the fair from the page marmomac2019 layout
  • App: as for the previous editions the marmomac 2019 app will be available for iOS and Android. To install it search for “marmomac” on your store

Whether you are a marble worker, a designer or an engineer, there are many reasons why you should attend Marmomac 2018 in Verona. The international exhibition will take place from 26 to 29 September.

Going to a fair costs time and money, especially if it’s located far away. But the experience you gain, the knowledge you acquire and the products you can find are certainly worth the price.

NOTE: The name of the fair has changed since 2016 from Marmomacc to Marmo+mac with only one “c”.

Marmomac Stone Fair Verona

Marmomac Stone Fair Verona

We’ve listed 8 key reasons why you should come to the Marmomac stone fair. If you wish to add any, please leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

1. The numbers

2018 will be the 53rd edition of the Marmomac fair. The numbers from 2017 should surely justify a visit to the fair:

  • 68,000 visitors;
  • from 147 different countries
  • 1636 exhibitors, 63% of whom were from outside of Italy and came from 56 different countries.

For our industry in general, these are really incredible numbers and the quality of visitors and exhibitors is always really high.

Marmomac Logo

2. What you will find

At Marmomac you find blocks and slabs of natural materials from all over the world – marble blocks, granite blocks, slabs and large sizes of rough stone. It’s the perfect place to find new materials and meet new suppliers of blocks and plates.

Machinery and equipment
Marmomac exhibits world-leading manufacturers of machinery for processing stone. You will find workshop machinery for marble workers, machines for block extraction and slab production, waste disposal systems, lifting machines, CNC machines and more.

Tools and consumables

You will see a wide variety of tools and consumables, manufacturers and distributors of diamond tools, abrasives and chemicals used in the processing of marble, granite, natural and artificial stones.

And, if you are looking for innovative products, tools for new materials and specialized technicians, you will surely find them at Marmomac.

Design and exhibitions

The most precious marbles, exclusive granites, innovative architecture, and design installations can be found at Marmomac. You’ll see state of the art examples of what can be achieved with natural stones. In the pavilion, you will find the Italian Stone Theatre, dedicated to exhibiting items that have been made in Italy, as well as lithic technologies and experiments.

Marmomac is an event that highlights how the greatest designers can make the best use of materials, machinery, and technology. Visiting the Italian Stone Theatre will be like taking a leap into the future. The 2018 edition deals with water and how it interacts with natural stone.

3. Acquire knowledge

Visiting Marmomac allows you to get a sneak preview of new products and technologies in the stone industry. You’ll get an idea of future trends and be able to adopt them before your competition.

4. To spy on the competition

At Marmomac you are sure to run into your competitors. It can be exciting to share problems and ideas with your colleagues/competitors but you will also be able to see in first person what your competitors are aiming for and if they are doing something that can be of interest to you too.

5. Find new ideas and inspiration

When you are in contact with the best players in the industry you will inevitably be inspired and may come up with new ideas for working methodologies or for new finished products that you could make.

6. Meet your suppliers and find new ones

Finding new products and specialized suppliers is increasingly important. It is not just a matter of price. Some suppliers may also provide you with new ways to buy.

Have you thought about online suppliers? At Marmomac you can meet them and talk to them in person. Behind a website, there are always people and getting to know them is important.

When you get back you can order products online from the comfort of your home knowing whom you are really buying from. We, Amastone and MMG Service srl, will be there.

7. Find answers and solutions

You’re in the right place to look for the solution to problems you’ve had when processing stone. Whether you are a marble worker or an architect, you can communicate directly with other people who have answers. You’ll find technicians and experts on every aspect concerning the stone industry. You can‘t miss this opportunity!

8. Have a little fun

Breaking with your everyday routine and getting out of your own workshop will surely do you good. You’ll catch up with friends and colleagues who you’ve not seen in a long time and meet new people, which will surely be fun and motivating.

Marmomac can be very tiring and at the end of the day, you will be exhausted. But it’s a way of bringing multiple benefits to your business – while doing something completely different to what you do everyday.

Information for Marmomac 2018 exhibition:

Address: Verona Exhibition Center – Viale del Lavoro 8 – 37135 Verona.

Dates of the fair: 26 / 29 September 2018

Timetable: From Wednesday 26 to Friday 28 September: open from 9.30 to 18.00. Saturday 29 September: open from 9.30 to 17.30

We will be at Hall 5 – Stand G4. We are waiting for you!

Whether you need used/refurbished machinery or tools and accessories or technical assistance, we will be happy to welcome you at our stand.
To get a free entry invitation, write me a comment below and I will send you a free entry.

Amastone At Marmomac 2018
Marmomacc Fiera Verona

22 thoughts on “8 Reasons to attend the marmomac stone fair in Verona

  1. I am Distributor of Marble and granite in Saudi Arabia, This year I would like to attend the exhibition,

    1. Marco Divita says:

      Hello richard, Please let me know what is your business in the stone industry and what you are looking for.
      Of course you are welcome to come and visit us at marmomac exhibition. I will send you a free ticket.
      We are in Hall-5, Stand G4.
      see you soon, best regards

  2. Belakcemi says:

    Nous avons l’honneur d’envoyer ce message pour communiquer avec vous concernant l’exposition International de la pierre MARMOMAC ,Nous ne savions pas qu’il y avait une exposition de la pierre Dans la ville de Vérone! Nous avons le plaisir de venir presente dans cette expositions pour assister a temps de cette exposition, Nous aimerions que vous répondiez s’il y a assez de temps et acceptez notre demande d’émettre de votre part, Nous vous avons fourni des documents

    M.R le propriétaire de la société import-export poder – point de vente “ceram fanal” L’algerie


    We have the honor to send this message to communicate with you regarding the International Stone Exhibition MARMOMAC, We did not know that there was an exhibition of the stone In the city of Verona! We are pleased to present in this exhibition to attend this exhibition, We would like you to answer if there is enough time and accept our request to issue from you, We have provided you with information
    M.R le propriétaire de la société import-export poder – point de vente “ceram fanal” L’algerie

    1. Marco Divita says:

      I’ve just sent an Invitation code for the marmomac exhibition.
      see you next week in Verona, we are in Hall 5 Stand G4

      1. Israr says:

        Hi, how are you ?
        I have to attend exhibition marmomac 2019 in Verona so I need invitation my email I’d kbstone07[@]

        1. Marco Divita says:

          I will send you a free entry ticket no problem.
          See you soon in Verona sir.

  3. Muhammad Ishfaq Khan says:

    Hi I am a marble, onyx and onyx gemstone producer from Pakistan .I am looking to attend the exhibition marmomacc to make some new partner for import and export. How can I get an invitation for the conference marmomac 2019 in Verona?.

    1. Marco Divita says:

      I will send you marmomac tickets by email.
      Please come to visit us in Hall 5 Stand G4

  4. fayez bakkar says:

    I am owner of Alfayes stone for Marble and granite in EGYPT, This year I would like to attend the exhibition marmomac,

    1. Marco Divita says:

      Good idea to come to marmomac.
      for the tickets I send them via email, come to visit me at Hall 5 Stand G4

  5. Deepak Singla says:

    Hi, thanks for an informative article about the marmomac. We are three architects visiting the fair. Can you send us the tickets?

    1. Marco Divita says:

      yes of course,
      I’ll send you tickets next week via email
      Please visit us Hall 5 Stand G4

  6. Ešte som na Marmomac-u nikdy nebol, tak som zvedavý či to bude stáť za to.
    (I’ve never been to Marmomac before, so I’m wondering if it’s worth it.)

    1. Marco Divita says:

      100% YES.
      If your job is about the stoneworking you cannot ignore marmomac exhibition.

  7. Madhuri Viththalani says:

    We are exporting rough granite blocks from India, do you think we should visit it as a visitor?

    1. Marco Divita says:

      Goog morning mr Madhuri,
      Definetely Yes. Come to visit marmomac as a visitor.
      it’s worth it

  8. I am Distributor of Marble and granite in London , I have been regularly for the last three years But I have not received the tickets this year
    I need Three tickets please.

    1. Marco Divita says:

      I send you 3 tickets no problem. you are welcome to come to visit us in Hall 5 Stand G4

  9. Usta says:

    I am Distributor of Marble and granite in Vienna / Austria we are visiting the marmomac, we are interested to visit your stand and the Event
    our email adress is



    1. Marco Divita says:

      i’ve just sent you 2 tickets for the marmomac exhibition

  10. Please will you send me a ticket to attend this prestigious marmomac exhibition. I am only going to be there one day (Thursday) but I’m hoping to connect with suppliers in the landscaping industry to share some new ideas and explore new opportunities in the short time available.

    1. Marco Divita says:

      Just sent. It’s a Good idea to visit the exhibition. You will be agree with me

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