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Tile Cutter Vertical Stand Masterpiuma Vertigo2- Montolit

335,70  Net of VAT
Vertigo2 – Montolit vertical tile cutter support (vertical stand) Vertical support for manual tile cutters of dimensions 125cm and 155cm.

Extra Splitting module Masterpiuma – Montolit

29,70  Net of VAT
Replacement Extra Splitting module Masterpiuma – Montolit Additonal splitting module for extra large tiles size and thick porcelain tile. This

Baseboard Tile Alignment Bracket Masterpiuma – Montolit

42,90  Net of VAT
Baseboard replacement for Masterpiuma – Montolit This baseboard alignment bracket is a reference system for big format tiles. It helps

Assorted Parts Kit Masterpiuma P5 – Montolit

27,00  Net of VAT
Assorted pieces replacement MasterPiuma P5 – Montolit Assorted Parts Kit For Maserpiuma P5 Tile Cutters. the package includes the most

Rubber feet Masterpiuma (5 pcs)- Montolit

11,50 18,90  Net of VAT
Rubber feet replacement (5 pcs) Masterpiuma  – Montolit Replacement rubber feet for masterpiuma P5 tile cutter Model: 281 consists of 5

Metal support tables Masterpiuma P5 – Montolit

29,70 33,30  Net of VAT
Replacement Metal support tables MasterPiuma P5 – Montolit Replacement part for all Montolit Masterpiuma P5 Series Tile Cutters Model 418P5

Measurement guide Masterpiuma P5 – Montolit

22,49 89,10  Net of VAT
Replacement Measurement guide for tile cutters Masterpiuma P5 – Montolit The measurement guide is available in two versions: complete square

Measurement guide stickers Masterpiuma – Montolit

14,50 17,10  Net of VAT
Measurement guide stickers Masterpiuma P5 – Montolit Replacement stickers for measurement guide of the Masterpiuma tile cutters. Compatible with all

Measurement Square Stop Masterpiuma – Montolit

23,40  Net of VAT
Measurement Square Stop for tile cutters Masterpiuma – Montolit Replacement measure square for all Masterpiuma Tile Cutters. Compatible with Masterpiuma

Splitter MasterPiuma handle – Montolit

14,50  Net of VAT
Replacement Splitter for Masterpiuma – Montolit Montolit replacement handle-splitter for Martepiuma P5 tile cutter You may be interested also in

Montolit Masterpiuma Protective Cover

45,00  Net of VAT
Montolit Masterpiuma Tile Cutter Protective Cover Montolit Goretex Cover for all models of Masterpiuma Tile Cutters (P3, P5), from 44

Mosakit rubber mosaic pad – Montolit

56,00  Net of VAT
Rubber mosaic pad Mosakit – Montolit Rubber pad to be applied to a standard manual tile cutter. It allows to

Montolit Masterpiuma push handle

69,30 76,50  Net of VAT
Montolit replacement Masterpiuma (P2 / P3 / P5) push handle – Montolit Montolit incision handle is available in two versions,

Scoring wheel lube oil – Montolit

8,10  Net of VAT
Scoring wheel lube oil – Montolit for tile cutters Montolit Scoring wheel lube oil for Montolit tile cutter wheels. Pack

Titanium wheel for Masterpiuma – Montolit

7,00 9,00  Net of VAT
Titanium wheel for Masterpiuma – Montolit Titanium wheel for Montolit tile cutter models: Montolit Masterpiuma P5, Montolit Piuma, Montolit Minipiuma,

Montolit Masterpiuma P5 Tile Cutter

293,80 781,80  Net of VAT
Montolit Tile cutter Masterpiuma P5 – Montolit Montolit Masterpiuma P5 tile cutter is available in 5 different models depending on


Spare parts for the Masterpiuma P5 tile cutter

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