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Distar is the largest manufacturer of diamond tools in Eastern Europe and it’s a joint Ukrainian-Italian company, founded in 1994. The assortment includes cutting blades, grinding cup wheels, drill bits, and various devices for dust-free work.
Distar tools are used on angle grinders, power cutters, wall chasers, drilling machines, wall-cutting machines, and other equipment. Different properties of products with wide price categories, cover most applications in many construction industries.

DISTAR 45-degree cutting ceramics blade – Edge Dry

35,90 39,50  Net of VAT
DISTAR  Edge Dry 45-degree cutting blade for ceramics Angle grinder blade designed for 45-degree cutting on ceramic slabs! Cutting ceramic tiles at

Tile Repair Kit for stone and ceramic tiles – Mechanic

79,20  Net of VAT
Tile Repair Kit to restore surfaces such as ceramic tiles, natural stone, laminate, wood, plastic, and furniture The modern world

AirDUSTER dust shroud for angle grinders – Mechanic

26,20 35,42  Net of VAT
Angle grinder dust removal – AirDUSTER 115-125-180-230 Mechanic The simplest way to stop dust from an angle grinder is by using

DISTAR angle grider ceramics cutting blade – Esthete

30,60 35,00  Net of VAT
DISTAR diamond cutting blade for ceramics and ultra-compact materials – Esthete Ceramic angle grinder blades with an Ultra-thin diamond layer

AirSlider grinder Slider Dust Collector – Mechanic

48,24  Net of VAT
AIRSLIDER 90×115-125 SLIDER Dust collector for angle grinder The AirSLIDER device turns any angle grinder into a mini-machine for a

Concrete and Stone Diamond Grinding Cup Wheel – Pro Tech DISTAR

31,00  Net of VAT
Diamond grinding cup wheel for concrete and natural stone – DGS-S 125X22,23 PRO TECH Distar Pro Tech is an affordable

DUSTER-45 angle grinder dust shroud for 45-degree cutting – Mechanic

45,94  Net of VAT
Angle grinder dust shroud for 45-degree cutting – DUSTER 45 Mechanic Cutting ceramic tiles with an angle grinder goes with

1A1R EDGE Blade for ceramic miter cuts on table saws – Distar

78,00  Net of VAT
Blade for miter cuts (45 degrees) for ceramic and porcelain stoneware for cutting machines – 1A1R EDGE Distar The 1A1R