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Starting with Innovative technology in the Stone Industry in the early eighties, Nicolai Diamant has expanded its technological horizons to Artificial Stones Industry, Ceramic Industry, and proved successful at all levels globally.
Nicolai Diamant R&D team works for innovative and optimized solutions for the customer’s needs. These technological solutions derived by Nicolai are always compatible with various machines of different manufacturers. Excellence is a continual quest at Nicolai.

Nicolai Diamant is one of the leading manufacturers of Stone Diamond Tools in the world.
Headquartered in Carrara – Italy, Nicolai Diamant has been providing the stone industry with quality tools for over 30 years. It’s a company specialized in the development of tooling to work stone, marble, granite, and artificial stone, and the 2 main families of Nicolai tools are:

Nicolai tools are always compatible with various CNC work centers and machines of different manufacturers. CMS Brembana, Breton, Poseidon or Comandulli are just examples of machines’ manufacturers where Nicolai Diamant designs. develops and tunes its tools.

Listing their products in Amastone, Nicolai Diamant confirms its mission to work for innovative solutions (about tools and service as well) and be a real customer-oriented company.

About Nicolai Diamant products in our e-commerce:

Adaptor 1/2 Gas > M10, M12, M14

$56,28$88,00 Net of VAT
Adaptor and extension from 1/2 Gas to M10, M12 or M14 If you are a CNC operator you have been

Extensions 1/2 Gas > 1/2 Gas (Female) – Nicolai

$84,93$133,03 Net of VAT
Nicolai – Extensions 1/2 Gas > 1/2 Gas (Female) Code Size Thread Fitting Machine Fitting Tool AZT0821A Ø28 L50 mm Right

Adaptor Flange > M14 – Nicolai

$214,41 Net of VAT
Adaptor Flange > M14 – Nicolai CODE DIMENSION MOTOR FITTING TOOL FITTING ADTFLGAM14 Ø28 L150 mm B50+6HØ6.5/63 M14

Segmented Step Cutters for Incremental Cutting – Granite – Nicolai

$125,35$170,12 Net of VAT
AFS91082Ø23 x 40 / Z5 FB21/2 Gas
AFS91083Ø23 x 40 / Z5 FB31/2 Gas
AFS91084Ø23 x 50 / Z5 FB21/2 Gas
AFS91085Ø23 x 50 / Z5 FB31/2 Gas
AFS90000Ø23 L25 LT401/2 Gas
AFS90065Ø28 L40 LT951/2 Gas
AFS90066Ø28 L40 LT1051/2 Gas
AFS90067Ø28 L40 LT1251/2 Gas
AFS90080Ø30 L30 LT401/2 Gas

Crown mill for incremental cutting 1/2” granite, ceramic – Nicolai

$97,46$116,95 Net of VAT
Crown mill for Incremental Cutting and Flush Fit. 1/2” connection – granite and ceramic – Nicolai Diamant Sintered crown mill

Nicolai – Blue twin finger bit for incremental cutting – Granite, Engineered Stone – Nicolai

$129,83 Net of VAT
Nicolai – Blue twin finger bit for incremental cutting  – Granite, Engineered Stone Very hard binder FB0 is suggested for

Adaptor 1/2 Gas > Cylindrical shank – Nicolai

$38,88 Net of VAT
Nicolai – Adaptor 1/2 Gas > Cylindrical shank 8 mm / 10 mm