Weha Ludwig Werwein GmbH is based Königsbrunn – Germany and is one of the most important full-range supplier for the stone working industry. Weha has also opened up a USA branch in Charlotte, NC for the US market.
Weha is a manufacturer of many different products: Stone material handling equipment, vacuum lifters, clamps granite, scissor lifters, etc. On Amastone you can buy Weha’s tools online. Once again thanks to this partnership between Weha and Amstone you can have one of the best quality brands at a reasonable price.

Vacuum lifter UNI PAD Compressed Air / Hand Pump – 300 / 600 / 800 Kg – Weha

$1.194,92$3.306,53 Net of VAT
Stone Vacuum lifter Weha UNI PAD Available 3 different models of Stone Vacuum Lifters with a maximum capacity of 300

Scissor lifting clamp “Riba” series – 500 / 1200 / 1400 Kg – Weha

$580,00$1.299,34 Net of VAT
Scissor lifting clamp “Riba” series The Weha Riba Series lifting clamps are perfect for picking up any marble or granite

Slab lifting clamp – KAIMAN – Weha

$800,44$1.160,11 Net of VAT
WEHA – KAIMAN model stone slab lifting clamp Also called a “slab grabber”, this lifting clamp is used to vertically

Scissor lifting clamp “R” series – 400 / 800 / 1000 Kg – Weha

$405,96$788,84 Net of VAT
Weha – Scissor lifting clamp “R” series These scissor lifters can lift full slabs of granite, marble, engineered stone, quartz,

Triple suction pads – 100 Kg – Weha

$144,91 Net of VAT
Weha – Triple suction pads “Type 3” – 100 Kg Vacuum lifter suitable for heavy loads (up to 100 Kg). The

Single Seam Setter – 2 cups – Weha

$220,33 Net of VAT
Seam Setter – Manual Easy to use manual Weha Seam Setting Solution for stone fabricators. This Seam Setter is designed

Vacuum cup – 40/80 Kg – Weha

$40,49$75,30 Net of VAT
Weha – Vacuum cup “GS1” – “GS2” You can choose between GS1 vacuum lifter (1 plate up to 40 Kg) and

90° Clamp – set of 2 – Weha

$463,97 Net of VAT
90 degree clamps for miter joints Have you ever been frustrated with miter joints? Use the Weha 90° clamp for

Slab cart – 800 Kg – Weha

$463,97 Net of VAT
Slab Cart Yellow Line 1000 mm length The Weha slab cart is suitable for handling any type of marble, granite,

Slab Rack – Weha

$208,72 Net of VAT
The slab rack is sold individually and not in pairs

Slab dolly 500/1000 mm – Weha

$127,51$231,93 Net of VAT
Slab dolly length for marble, granite and stone Using these dollies is one of the easiest ways to move slabs or

Vacuum cup Ø200 mm – 80 Kg – Weha

$197,12 Net of VAT
Weha – Vacuum cup “Compo” Ø200 mm – 80 Kg These Weha vacuum cups are excellent for all types of stone

Hand vacuum lifter – 100/150 Kg – Weha

$139,11$185,52 Net of VAT
Weha – Hand vacuum lifter PORTER / PORTER 2 Robust and heavy-duty hand vacuum lifter with high load capacity, designed for