While looking up prices for ArtCam subscriptions online, we discovered – to our great surprise – that ArtCam has been discontinued. Below is the official message by autodesk®

ArtCAM is no longer available – discontinued



On February 7, 2018, Autodesk discontinued the sale of new subscriptions of Autodesk ArtCAM® software.

As of February 7, 2018, Autodesk will officially discontinue ArtCAM as an individual product. As of that date, there will not be any further releases or development for ArtCAM and product updates will no longer be delivered.

Customers who have an active ArtCAM subscription can continue to renew until July 7, 2018.

Perpetual licenses

Customers who have a perpetual license of ArtCAM on maintenance can continue to renew their maintenance plan or choose to use their license without maintenance.

Continued support for ArtCAM

Customers with an active subscription or maintenance plan can continue to get ArtCAM technical support from Autodesk until November 1, 2018. Autodesk support is available in English only.

After November 1, 2018, customers can continue to access self-service support via the Autodesk Knowledge Network (AKN) and peer-to-peer support via the Autodesk Community’s ArtCAM Forum.


The main question is now:

What’s the best alternative to ArtCAM?

Autodesk does not suggest any own alternatives for all the CNC operators in love with ArtCAM. For engravings, letterings, reliefs, inlays and artistic workpieces in marble and wood it was amazing!

What’s now?

  1. Vetcric Aspire ?
  2. WCam 2K ?
  3. Alphacam ?
  4. MeshCam ?
  5. Type3
  6. …..

We will look for all the alternatives and we will test all of them.

We’ll be back to you soon.


IMPORTANT UPDATE: CARVECO brings Artcam back to life!

The CARVECO company brings Artcam back to life. A newcomer has been published in which Carveco ltd announces to revive Artcam from its ashes. A rebranding operation by some Artcam specialists who have made a new company with the aim of continuing the development, sale, maintenance, and the support of artcam. The official statement by Carveco can be found here:

We are waiting to see what happens now, we wait to understand how the distribution, price, and responses will be available.

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