Alphacam CAD/CAM – Authorized Reseller


Amastone are proud to announce that we have become an official alphacam CAD/CAM software reseller.

Writings, engravings, bas-reliefs, kitchen tops, shower trays, columns – these are all types of work that can be carried out on CNC machines. But the results vary due to different kinds of machines, dimensions and software.

After extensive research and testing of CAD/CAM software packages on the market, we decided to install Alphacam onto the machines of clients who deal with CNC building works, making products like kitchen tops, shower trays, sinks, etc.

What is AlphaCam?

Alphacam is a leading software in CAD/CAM systems for the programming of CNC machines in a variety of sectors such as wood, metal, marble and plastic materials.

Alphacam allows you to create 2D drawings, splines and 3D polylines, surface modelling and solid modelling. Its CAM operations allow the handling of CNC machines using up to 5 axes of contouring, emptying and cutting works.

Technological modules range from the traditional sawing, pantographing and turning, to the more specific profiling, laser cutting and marble and granite works with wire saws.

Alphacam allows the creation of 2D working paths, inclined planes, 3D surfaces and 5 axis cutting or shaping paths.

It’s a very versatile software, adaptable to many different workstations even with different CN boards.

Why choose Alphacam in the stone sector?AvbKGVEV3sA2tNswtX79x9TghPssd8ZVvp14MHH6PEsm

Alphacam is the perfect choice for stone working thanks to its specific module, “Alphacam Stone”. This module, developed by Licom Systems Italia, makes the main stone works easier and faster.

By installing the module you will have access to default functions such as sink working, pre-drilling, italic writing, shower trays and all blade disk related works.

All this makes it easier for the marble worker who can realize his work with a CAD/CAM software designed for his sector.

Why choose Amastone for Alphacam?

Last week we attended an Alphacam class held by Emilio Caterino, an expert in the use of this software. During this three-day course we saw all the different aspects of 3 axis CNC machine works, focusing, of course, on stone production.

As of today, Amastone is an authorized reseller too, and if you’re interested we can organize a demonstration of the software (either in our office or via TeamViewer).

We can show you the main function of Alphacam and how this software can facilitate your CNC machine needs.

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