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PCD drill bit Stratapax for stone quarry machines

980,00  Net of VAT
Stratapax PCD bit for marble quarry machines These PCD (Polycrystalline Diamond Bit) drill bits are also known as “Stratapax” or “Diapax”.

Polycrystalline PCD Router Bit for granite – Amastone

98,00  Net of VAT
Polycrystalline PCD Router Bit – Amastone Polycrystalline diamond (PCD) bits ideal to engrave granite, quartz, and lava stone on CNC

PCD plates for quarry machines – Stratapax

25,60 29,00  Net of VAT
PCD plates for quarry machines – Stratapax Polycrystalline plates for chain quarry machines, for cutting and punching. Application: marble. Typically

Polycrystalline carving router bit – Granite – OMGF

208,47 917,20  Net of VAT
Polycrystalline carving router bit for granite This is a PCD Conic Mill for carving granite, especially for the production of reliefs,

Polycrystalline V-Groove Router Bit for granite

137,59 159,82  Net of VAT
Polycrystalline-diamond-tipped bits for engraving granite, quartz, and Lava Stone These are single-lipped polycrystalline diamond (PCD) bits which, due to their

Flat-tip carving tool for Marble and Granite – OMGF

20,93 144,47  Net of VAT
CNC Flat-tip carving tool for Marble and Granite This tool is also called a CNC Flat router bit for marble

Polycrystalline router bits and drill bits