Flow chart for selecting the correct Nicolai Diamant sintered finger bit


Nicolai Diamant offers a vast array of sintered finger bits, all conceived to provide the best possible cut and a long life span.
Marble-workers who select the right finger bit obtain better results since they work faster, save money, achieve higher performance, and reduce tool wear.

Nicolai Diamant offers more than 40 different types of Finger bits.

Selecting the right sintered finger bits is easy answering 5 simple questions:

  1. What material do I need to work? Granite, engineered stone, or ceramic
  2. How hard is the material? Is it hard, medium, or soft?
  3. What is the tool diameter? Between 16 mm and 24 mm
  4. How many sectors does the tool have? The more sectors it has, the faster the speed
  5. What is the useful cutting height? Between 20 mm and 55 mm

The chart below will help identify the finger bit recommended for your needs. Try It!

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