10 questions about CNC Vacuum Cups (Interview to Simone Giorgi)

A brief interview with Simone Giorgi, Sales Director at GNC Meccanica leader manufacturer of Suction Vacuum Cups for CNC machining centers.
We have selected questions among the most common ones that our customers ask us before making an online purchase in the store.

What is a vacuum clamping system for CNC machine and when a stone-worker needs to use it?
The vacuum clamping system is a system of cups (pads) used every time it is requested to make a perimeter machining on the stone workpiece, this processing would be impossible with traditional clamps.

  1. Stoneworking is our main business, but are the suction cups used in other industries? Do cups change depending on the material to be processed? For example, the suction cups in a machine for marble or granite are the same installed in machines for glass or woodworking?
    Suction pads for cnc machines

    Suction pads and cups for cnc machines

    The suction cups systems find applications in many industries, from marble to glass, but also wood, metal, plastic and composite materials. The suction cups can change depending on the type of working surface. For example, if we want to work glass, perfectly smooth surface, the suction cup would be equipped with the lip, ideal to have an effective and lasting solution in time. If we want to work marble or granite then it’s a little bit more complicated because the roughness and porosity of the materials can be completely different from one piece and another. In this case, the mousse EPDM gives us the best performance, because it perfectly fits the surface of the marble/granite “copying” each asperity.

  2. What are the three main characteristics that a sucker must have in order to be used in a working center for the processing of the stone?
    When we talk about stones my advice is to use a suction cup with mousse EPDM and for the double-vacuum suction cup, I recommend the rubber base that dramatically enhances the grip of the same on the machine table. As a last feature, I would suggest … to use GNC Meccanica suction cups!

  3. Do the suction cups need maintenance? To increase their durability and efficiency what do you suggest?
    The advice I give is to treat a suction cup as an essential part of your CNC working center, so I suggest to always wash them after using, disconnecting and store neatly outside the machine. Too often I see machines tables with pads connected but unused, taking dirt and water, sometimes with crushed seals that when used struggle to seal the vacuum.

  4. Which Italian manufacturers use the GNC Meccanica vacuum cups? Can you name some of them?
    The Italian machine manufacturers who use GNC Meccanica products are Denver, CMS Brembana, Breton, Donatoni, Marchetti, Prussiani, GMM, Cobalm, Pavoni Automazioni, Emmedue, to name only the biggest.

  5. If I have special needs for my CNC machine, can you produce customized pads?
    Absolutely yes, our policy is to be side by side with those who work every day on the cnc machine, so we are always available to meet special technical requirements.

  6. If we need to change the type of seal to be the EPDM lip, for example, I would be forced to change the cups?
    NO, GNC is indeed the FIRST AND ONLY COMPANY IN THE WORLD to have created a suction cup that allows you to use the mousse or EPDM lip simply removing one and putting another. This is because our seals are designed to work without being glued to the suction plane (in EPDM foam glue we paste the ends of the seal, forming a ring, to avoid any kind of loss) and because, as said many times, we give the possibility to change a single seal without changing the pad unlike the competition.

  7. Which vacuum system is possible to use with your cups?
    Set of suction cups for cnc machine for stone working

    Set of suction cups for a cnc machine for stoneworking

    The choice is between two systems, a vacuum generator, commonly called “Venturi System” that is economical and functional when using few sucker cups. the Venturi system requires maintenance and could be very noisy because of the constant loss of compressed air required to generate the vacuum inside the cone. The second option, the most effective and common in my opinion, is the Vacuum Pump, that is categorized by flow capacity (m3 / h) and which generally is already installed in machines that require suction cups. In this case, the number of pads which can be connected rises greatly, and maintenance, in this case, is simpler and does not require daily monitoring. That is why they often strongly recommend this option.

  8.  Does GNC Meccanica produce other products besides vacuum pads? Can you tell us which ones? For example, if I need a vacuum pump?
    The GNC Meccanica produces also lifting cups, manual and pneumatic clamps, workpiece reference stops and gripper tool, 100% made in Italy. The process takes place starting from a solid block that is machined by numerical control machines and assembled by hand with a stainless steel plate cut by laser to improve stability without losing the elasticity of the plastic material. As for the vacuum systems we always assemble complete systems: pump, pool, pipes and obviously vacuum cups and so on. Please ask us for a quote without any kind of commitment.

  9. As the market leader for vacuum pads tell me why to choose GNC instead of one of your competitors?
    Because GNC Meccanica provides 80% of the world’s leading manufacturers of CNC. GNC is a company that puts the customer first, not only produces standard items but is open to the development of customized solutions with reasonable prices. The shipping times are rapid, the product range is very wide, and thanks to the modular system each component can be replaced without having to replace the entire suction cup, in addition, our vulcanized plans are GUARANTEED FOR LIFE. The production takes place entirely in Italy with great attention to quality, and to design as well as often in Made in Italy products.

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