Round CNC suction cups

Round Suction Cups

The Round shaped suction cups are the most used in the CNC Contouring machines for the stone and the glass working.
Often more than one round suction cup is required. For example, during a countertop sink cut-out, it’s very important positioning a sufficient number of suction cups above all the points where the material is greatly stressed.
Marble-workers use 4 or 6 round suction cups to hold down the workpieces tight to the table when producing kitchen tops or any other pieces need to be worked on the edge or to be drill.
Standard sized round suction cups, available in our e-shop, have diameter from 80 mm up to 250 mm.

Note: Our suction cups are compatible with any make of CNC stone and glass working machines.
If you need customized diameters or heights please contact us: