Used stone equipment top selling 2019

The used machinery market is growing year after year in every sector.

Investment in production is one of the most important economic growth factors both in developing and industrialized countries.

Often, however, buying a production line or new machinery requires a very important investment and for this reason buying a used one becomes an attractive solution.

What factors favor the used stone equipment market:

  • The increase and development of vertical web portals where you can publish and search for used machinery in any sector
  • The speed with which markets change based on trends and fashions. More and more companies need to change their production lines and machinery quickly to adapt to the market.
  • Globally there are always geographic areas in crisis, that need to sell machinery, and growing areas where the request to buy equipment is very high.
  • The productions moves from one area to another (for example the production of granite slabs has moved from Europe to India and Arabia)

So how was 2019 for the used stone machines market?

What were the most requested types of machinery?

2019 is in line with data from previous years and with forecasts.

Buyers are looking for more and more CNC machines, and more and more machines for the processing of new ceramic materials.

The data analyzed are those collected by the MMG Service Srl through its listing website , the most important site for used machinery in Italy. The portal has been active for over 8 years and has become the reference point for those who have to buy or sell stone equipment.

The most sought after, and therefore most sold and handled machinery in 2019 were:

The bridge saws, because it is the basic machine for every stone shop.Cutting is the main activity so there are many bridge cutters on the market and it is easier to find used ones and find customers looking for one.

Obviously more and more the request went on cutters with automatic cutting and more and more NC cutters at least 4 axes (CNC Bridge saws).

Among the bridge saws, the greatest requests were for “monobloc bridge saws”, easy to move and install. They do not require masonry to build the walls or to install the bench.

The monobloc cutters, however, generally do not have a rotating table but a head.

Among the characteristics of the cutters one of the most sought after is the tilting bench. The main reason is that a cutter with tilting table allows the positioning of the slab to be processed using a single person who with a jib crane and a clamp for slabs can proceed independently and above all safely.

The second most sought-after type were CNC Machining Centers for the production of kitchen worktops and furnishings.

The requests are for machines with 3 to 5 axes, obviously with automatic tool change system and with CNC suction cups for holding the slabs during the machining.

Following we have the Edge polishers. What we found, even more, was the growing demand for edge polishing machines for the processing of the simple straight edge rather than the bullnose edge polishers (fashions influence the machinery market).

The fourth most sought-after family of used machines was the Waterjet.
The modern laboratory today typically has this trio of machines: bridge saw + CNC machining center, + Waterjet. In this way, it is possible to satisfy most requests for products that are currently in fashion.

The saw prepares the slabs to be worked, the waterjet creates the 2D geometric shapes, the machining center carries out 3D processes.

Compared to the machining center that cuts with the diamond tool, the waterjet speeds up 2D cutting operations and allows the creation of inlays. Obviously it cannot make 3D engravings or reliefs.

The other types of second hand stone machinery most in demand were in the order Single wire saws, Filter presses, Polishing lines, Marble block cutter and Multiwire for the production of granite slabs.

Compared to previous years, the requests for multi-blade granite gangsaws, form manual engravers and for banner-cutters have now been eliminated.

Chart about the used stone equipment top selling 2019

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