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Diatex Spa Group is an Italian company specializing in the production of diamond tools and blades for the cutting of Porcelain and the new innovative surfaces as Dekton, Neolith, Lapitec, Laminam and many more. These new materials require high-performance blades and Diatex developed the “Poker Line” for the Big Ceramic Slabs CuttingCeriSlab is a Diatex’s brand for the products designed for the companies that process the big ceramic slabs.
On Amastone, you can buy Diatex blades online; for further information and technical suggestions about these Diatex blades do not hesitate to contact us.

Other materials that you can cut with these Diatex blades:

Diatex “GREScut” bridge saw blades for Laminam, Neolith, and Porcelain

76,50 216,75  Net of VAT
“GREScut” bridge saw and cutters for Laminam, Neolith, RAK, and Porcelain gres “GREScut” is another member of the Poker line

Diatex “MITERcut” 45° bridge saw blade for ceramics

216,75  Net of VAT
Circular “MITERcut” bridge saw blades for cutting large ceramic slabs including Dekton, Laminam, Neolith and other material for inclined cuts

Diatex “DEKcut” bridge saw blades for cutting Dekton

76,50 276,25  Net of VAT
Diatex “DEKcut” blades for Dekton DEKCut bridge saw blades belong to the Diatex POKERLine family used to make super-clean cuts

High-speed ceramic cutting blade “Faster” – Diatex

81,00 231,30  Net of VAT
High-speed ceramic cutting blade “Faster” – Diatex FASTER is the diamond disc developed by Diatex S.p.A. for high-speed cutting of

Diatex FORTYFIVE” 45° silent-core bridge saw blades for Laminam or Neolith

216,75 266,90  Net of VAT
“FORTYFIVE”  – the innovative blade specially developed by Diatex for clean 45° miter cuts on gres tiles, Laminam and Neolith

Angle grinder cutting blade for ceramic tile “DryCut” – Diatex

26,40 32,00  Net of VAT
Cutting disk for ceramic tile, porcelain ceramic – Diatex Professional angle grinder disk for ceramic and porcelain tiles cutting Angle

Lapitec bridge saw blades “LAPIcut” – Diatex

76,50 216,75  Net of VAT
Lapitec Bridge Saw Blades “LAPIcut” – Diatex The Diatex “LAPIcut” porcelain blades are the perfect blades for Lapitec cutting. Available in

Sharpening bar for blades

26,00  Net of VAT
Sharpening bar for blades Make the blade cut like new again. Rubbing stone blocks for sharpening, dressing diamond blades. This

Granite bridge-saw blades – Diatex

63,75 270,30  Net of VAT
Diatex Granite bridge saw blades Diatex granite cutting blades come in diameters that vary from 250 to 625 with a

Continuous rim core drill bits – Lapitec, Dekton, Neolith – Diatex

34,00 114,75  Net of VAT
Continuous rim core drill bit for Lapitec, Dekton, Neolith This Continuous rim core bit is suggested when you need a highly

Marble blade for bridge saw – Diatex

82,45 294,95  Net of VAT
Diatex Marble blades Diatex marble cutting circular blade for bridge saws and bridge cutters. You can buy these marble blades

Incremental cutting finger bit tip for Ceramic – Diatex

68,00  Net of VAT
Router for Incremental cutting for ceramic big slabs Router for Incremental cutting for ceramic big slabs for CNC machines (such

High-speed reinforced ceramic cutting blade “Faster PRO” Ø400 – Diatex

229,50 232,65  Net of VAT
High-speed REINFORCED ceramic cutting blade “Faster PRO” Ø400 mm (16”) – Diatex SUITABLE FOR MITER CUT FASTER PRO is the

Engineered Stone bridge saw Blades – GK15D Diatex

95,20 183,20  Net of VAT
Engineered Stone (and hard granite) blades for bridge saw – GK15D – Diatex GK15D is the diamond blade designed for

Glass Cutting Blade – Diatex

50,00  Net of VAT
Glass Cutting blade for angle grinder – Diatex Diamond blade for the glass dry cutting. Blades with continuous rim and

Quartzite blade for bridge saws – Diatex

187,00  Net of VAT
Quartzite blade for bridge saws (diam. 400mm – 16′) – Diatex Natural quartzite cutting blade for bridge saws. Also, ideal

Tile Saw Ceramic Blades LB39/LB40 – Diatex

43,50 59,25  Net of VAT
Tile Saw (cutters) Ceramic Blades LB39/LB40 – Diatex Diamond blade for ceramic cutting with low power portable machines, such as

Finger bit for ceramic – Diatex

110,50  Net of VAT
Miller Finger for ceramic big slabs If you are looking for a cutting finger bit for ceramic and to use

Angle grinder blade for granite Ø180 mm – Diatex

14,90  Net of VAT
Granite cutting Blade Ø180 mm – Diatex Dry use angle grinder blade with a removable flange. Used for cutting granite