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FILA (surface care solutions)

Fila (Fabbrica Italiana Lucidi ed Affini) is an Italian company, based in the province of Padova, which produces professional products for the surfaces protection and maintenance.
Fila is an international company with 6 commercial branches outside Italy: in the USA, Great Britain, France, Germany, Spain and the United Arab Emirates.

Professional systems for the treatment and protection of surfaces

Fila produces cleaning products such as detergents and stain removers; protection products such as water repellents and anti-molds; finishing products such as waxes and polishes.
There are products for any surface, from porcelain stoneware to terracotta, from natural stones to concrete.
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Concentrated acid detergent DETERDEK – Fila

$31,48 Net of VAT
Concentrated acid detergent DETERDEK – 5 liters Deterdex is an acid detergent used to remove post-application deposits, to eliminate saline

Mould Remover -‎ Active 1 – Fila

$9,41 Net of VAT
Grout cleaner for mold removing Active 1 – Fila Rapidly removes mould and sanitises stone, cement, grouting, ceramic, and glass

Protective wax Fila Matt

$19,69$78,00 Net of VAT
Protective wax – Fila Matt Fila Matt is a natural effect protective wax with a matte finish for terracotta, klinker,

Water-based stain-protector for unpolished surfaces W68- Fila

$31,01$122,42 Net of VAT
Water-based stain protector for unpolished surfaces FilaW68 FilaW68 is a stain-proofing water-based, it is ideal for unpolished surfaces, such as terracotta,

Solvent-based wax-removing detergent FILAMAX – Fila

$61,83 Net of VAT
Solvent-based wax-removing detergent FILAMAX FILAMAX is a solvent-removed wax-removing ideal for removing long-standing applications in surfaces such as terracotta, porcelain

Water-repellent protector Hidrorep ECO – Fila

$19,69$79,05 Net of VAT
Water-Based water-repellent protector Hidrorep ECO HYDROREP ECO is a water-repellent with a natural effect, ideal for unpolished stone, concrete, tufo,

Revitalizing hydro-oil repellent protective solution Stoneplus – Fila

$41,18$177,31 Net of VAT
Revitalizing hydro-oil repellent protective solution Stoneplus – Fila WATER- AND OIL-REPELLENT PROTECTIVE PRODUCT WITH REVIVING EFFECT Stone Plus by Fila

De-greasing stain-removing detergent FilaPS87 – Fila

$16,74$66,59 Net of VAT
De-greasing stain-removing detergent FilaPS87 FilaPS87 is a product that performs three functions, cleaner, stain-remover, wax-remover. It is used in surfaces such

Cleaner Active Muold Remover FILAALGAE NET 500 ml

$8,75 Net of VAT
Cleaner Active Mould Remover  FILAALGAE NET 500 ml What’s it for? Cleaner antialgae for exteriors in stone, terracotta, clinker, ceramic,

Scrape Fix Kit for polished porcelain– Fila

$266,36 Net of VAT
Scrape Fix Kit for polished porcelain tile – Fila Professional Kit designed to remove scratches and abrasions on polished porcelain

Water-based gel cleaner for walls Filanopaint STAR – Fila

$26,64 Net of VAT
Water-based gel cleaner for walls Filanopaint STAR FILANOPAINT STAR is a cleaner gel for terracotta, quarry tiles, porcelain tiles, stone, concrete,

Eco-friendly liquid wax Filaclassic – Fila

$16,26$61,25 Net of VAT
Eco-friendly liquid wax Filaclassic FILACLASSIC is an ideal liquid wax for protecting floors in marble, travertine, terracotta, and stone. Filaclassic

Cleaner for epoxy residues FilaCR10 – Fila

$18,92 Net of VAT
Cleaner for epoxy residues FILACR10 FILACR10 is an ideal cleaner to remove epoxy residues from the wall and floor surfaces

Concentrated neutral detergent FILACLEANER – Fila

$8,84$35,95 Net of VAT
Concentrated neutral detergent FILACLEANER FILACLEANER is an ideal detergent to clean surfaces like porcelain tiles, glazed ceramic, terracotta, quarry tiles, polished

Pre-fixing efflorescence-blocking protector FilaPW10 – Fila

$47,37 Net of VAT
Efflorescence blocking protector FilaPW10 FilaPW10 stops contaminants rising up from the substrate to the material surface preventing the formation of

Wet-effect toning protective treatment WET ECO – Fila

$32,71$138,89 Net of VAT
Wet-effect toning protective treatment WET ECO – Fila Stain protector and anti-dirt product with wet effect for unpolished natural stone

Garage protector FILABETON – Fila

$63,74 Net of VAT
Garage protector FILABETON – Fila FILA BETON is a garage protector sealant for concrete floors.  The format is available in